About Troktechnology

Trok technology is founded on the mission to help organization to align and improve the business process and implement Enterprise Solutions such as SAP, Oracle to align different business process.

SAP is viewed by many as the most comprehensive business technology solution ever created. Its potential for transforming performance and productivity in every aspect of an enterprise is truly powerful. But deploying an SAP solution isn’t just about technology. It’s about removing barriers between people, information, geographies and business processes. And getting it right requires a broad range of capabilities, from deep technical skills and SAP solution implementation experience to in-depth knowledge that cuts across every industry and business discipline.

Different industries require very different approaches to SAP solutions. At TROKTECHNOLOGY we understand those unique challenges—and we apply our industry-specific knowledge and insight to help companies develop solutions that make sense. We have deep, proven experience in every major industry.

From business case development and system design to configuration, testing, and deployment, we can assist with all phases of SAP solution design and implementation. But that’s not all. We bring systems implementation and business consulting together with a full range of professional services in tax, finance, HR, assurance, and risk — and help you capitalize on every opportunity to maximize value and reduce costs.

SAP NetWeaver™ platform and Technology Integration

The SAP NetWeaver platform is changing the way companies support their business processes — providing a comprehensive and integrated platform designed from the ground up to work with SAP and other standard technologies. But understanding when, where, and how to deploy SAP NetWeaver components to generate the most business value requires a comprehensive understanding of a company’s business processes and organizational structure—along with in-depth knowledge of various technology practices. Learn more about our SAP NetWeaver and Technology Integration capabilities.