ERP Integration and Implementation

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software integration is the process of integrating separate, stove-pipe ERP systems with each other or with other enterprise information resources, to meet various B2B demands. Originally, ERP systems, such as SAP, People soft, Oracle and Lawson, were built with the purpose of tightly integrating processes within an enterprise. This includes planning, manufacturing, and sales, while more recent ERP software products encompass marketing, inventory control, order tracking, customer service, finance and human resources as well.

TROKTECHNOLOGY Software enables ERP integration using Java™, .NET or Web Services.

In every ERP implementation, there comes a time where these wide-reaching, all encompassing systems need to communicate with other 3rd party solutions and legacy applications. troktechnology Software ERP integration solutions work with all current ERP solutions to allow data collection, warehouse management, and other systems to integrate more easily and reliably with your ERP.